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Books & Wine

One of the benefits that we have in having a Coffee Shop is the ability to host gatherings in the evenings after the blinds go down and the door is locked...

We have in the back of our thoughts the ability to host or form Clubs...

thus Books & Wine.

The idea would be to meet once a month for each and discuss a book and maybe some creative writing or have a "sommelier" (the words you learn while writing...) to guide us in the knowledge of the grape.

This would be more a social gathering than a business profit venture with the sole purpose to learn, read more and meet new people.

We have enjoyed many afterhours workshops at Hollys from Candle making to Art, Whiskey and Gin nights, they have a very relaxed atmosphere and it would be good to build something more permanent

What's your thoughts?

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Mar 24, 2020

Higgy we will keep you informed, I've a good friend that travels the world taking wine tours and finding new vineyards so I will twist arm dmfor a few nights when we get to the other side of this 🙃


Mar 23, 2020

I’m in.... love wine and books

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